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Kozmotis through the ages.

At roughly 5 to 7 Kozmotis was almost a prefect child, happy, rambunctious but not overly so, nothing please him more than to put smiles on others faces and discover new things.This is the age where he first meet his would be wife, Iona. A strange girl that lived in the forest who would leaves gifts but never came to close to him.

At 10, Kozmotis started realizing he had a future, that things were going to change and that he would have to choose a path in life. With his parents being on each end of the social ladder, his mother hovering just below aristocrat and his father being of humble yet stead and strong farming life, one would think the opportunities for the young Kozmotis would have been endless, but it only held confusion him as they were completely different worlds.

 Starting at 15 and on, Kozmotis frustration started developing a passive aggressive demeanor. Having no care for the masks the high class wore and feeling limited by farm work. He had this talent of cause others to stop dead in their tracks and keep all eyes on him by just the way he stood where others would have to yell to get the same effect and he used this to his advantage to get what he wanted. Unfortunately he himself didn’t know what he wanted.

At 17, Kozmotis calling had appeared on a steed of gold, the golden army to be exact. Horasho had been training horses for the army and they had come to collect, and Kozmotis was fascinated by the soldiers, especially how they were their own faction, answering to their own code. Within a year, Kozmotis was a cadet and his attitude had taking a turn for the better (after getting himself into a few fights with fellow cadets and even the sergeants.)

Between 23 to 30, Kozmotis had everything. He was finally married to the love of his life and a beautiful healthy child to come, and the means to give them both all they could ever need with his raising success in the military that almost bordered on fame. But that came to a screeching halt when the war, just skirmishes then and turned into a full blown war with the discovery of abyssals and their hunger for the constellations themselves.

Now, with nearly everything lost, Kozmotis has turned into a cold, violent and broken man hell bent on ending the war with his own two hands. The fact that not only does he know that the Tsar is setting him up, he’s allowing it, having lost all hope for himself, his only concern is Seraphina’s safety and future.

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